“Great revelations 
often come from
 the smallest details.”

10-9 seeks to contribute to scientific
research, offers to conduct scientific
projects and intends to help in the
successful realisation of scientific work.

10-9 is an enabler for successful



AFM in Biology.
A summary of techniques for advanced topographical imaging, sensitive force measurements and AFM in combination with optical microscopy.
Preparing Samples
From imaging in salty liquids to dealing with live organisms: methods for sample preparation that make AFM imaging possible.
A great discovery
on the small scale.

See how I made a small contribution in getting blue light out of simple silicon particles.
Exotic fields:
Forensic science
and AFM
Of the many different applications I have come across, this was one of the most fascinating: using AFM for crime scene investigation!
Everything Nano:
see all articles
Find a collection of articles and publications in my blog.

10⁻⁹ – Nano Consulting

Enabling Successful research

The nano-sphere is the fusion of the three big natural sciences - namely physics, chemistry and biology. For the past 15 years I was honored to support valuable scientific work in my position as an application engineer and scientist on behalf of one of the world´s leading scanning probe microscopy companies.

Through my professional and academic work (over 30 peer reviewed publications with 3000 plus citations and an h-index of 24) I have come across a vast variety of sample challenges, applications, training situations and unusual techniques, and I have visited hundreds of labs and users.

With confidence I can say I have an answer to almost any question you might have.


10⁻⁹ is your reliable partner for:

  • Technical & application support, service & training for AFMs

  • Outsourcing of entire measurement-projects

  • Consulting for the acquisition of new devices

  • Preparation and execution of measurements on site

  • Consulting & assistance in measuring processes

for academic research
From the acquisition of a new AFM to the technical support or even the execution of entire measurement processes, 10-9 will help you to reach your scientific goals in time and in budget.
for corporate research
10-9 allows you to outsource research and benefit from rare expert knowledge in the ever faster evolving field of nano-technology.
for Conferences
As a speaker at your conference I will provide you with profound experience and the latest insights in the developments in the nano-sphere.


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